Homes in the Phoenix Biltmore Area are nothing short of luxury. This upscale Phoenix neighborhood earned its “ritzy" reputation in the early 1900's with the construction of the Arizona Biltmore Luxury Resort, now Arizona's only Waldorf Astoria Resort. Also boasting the Biltmore Fashion Park, the famous Phoenix luxury retail outdoor shopping plaza inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue, Pottery Barn, and hosting popular high-end boutiques like Lululemon, Ralph Lauren, and Williams-Sonoma. Excellent restaurants and the area's premium LifeTime gym create unmatched amenities and walkability for Phoenix houses close by. On average houses in the Phoenix Biltmore Area are approximately 30 years old. Properties still exist dating back to the 1940’s; much of the original development was razed for new construction in 1970’s & 1980’s - and without a formal historic district designation, this trend continues today bringing the Valley’s most modern luxury home designs to the district. Phoenix Biltmore houses tend to have relatively large lots, averaging ⅓ of an acre. While several homes around the Biltmore exceed 10,000/ft² - the average home is about 3,400/ft². During the first half of 2023, less than 30 single family homes were sold at an average of 565 $/ft², and $1,579,000 purchase price. The Phoenix Biltmore Area also contains many patio homes, condos and townhouses; including the 16-story Optima Biltmore Towers on the corner of 24th St. & Camelback, which were completed in 2006 and added the urban density of 236 luxury condominium units to create a thriving community that solidifies the intersection as the foundation to one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Phoenix.

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